Ripley Power and Light has converted our electric meters to an automated meter reading system. This allows us to better serve our customers. With AMR, we use special equipment on our power lines to read your meter in a matter of seconds on computers in our office. A server at Power and Light’s office sends a signal to the substation, which then transmits a signal over the power lines to each meter.

  • AMR is a more efficient and cost-saving way to read meters.
  • Information about your electric usage can be obtained almost immediately.
  • We can more easily analyze your usage by looking at hourly or daily electric activity and better troubleshoot your concerns about usage.
  • We no longer have to worry about locked gates, troublesome pets or debris blocking meters to be able to read all of the meters each month.
  • The system also helps to prevent fraud. If a meter is moved or tampered with, a message is sent to the utility.