Watch out for power equipment when you go hunting this fall

Watch out for power lines and power equipment as you watch out for wild game this fall.

Each year, electric utilities spend thousands of dollars repairing equipment and power lines that have been struck by a stray bullet. Sometimes the damage isn’t detected until an unexplained outage occurs.

To keep both yourself and power equipment safe this hunting season …

  • Obey all signs or postings that advise electrical safety, especially when selecting the location for a tree stand. Tree stands are the leading cause for hunting injuries. If you are using a tree stand, make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions and inspect the stand for wear before use.
  • Never use power poles to support a tree stand. When setting up and taking down the stand, make sure you do not make contact with any overhead electrical equipment.
  • Never shoot at birds on nearby power lines or other electrical equipment. A single shot can cause a lot of damage to the electrical system and even power interruptions.
  • Before leaving for a hunting trip, make sure that you have safety items to signal for help in case of an emergency. Always carry emergency supplies with you, including a cell phone, whistle and flashlight.
  • Note the location of power lines and other electrical equipment before you begin a hunt. Be especially careful and observant in wooded areas where power lines are easy to overlook.
  • If you are using a portable electrical generator on your hunting trip, make sure that you do not run it in a confined area. Do not use it inside a cabin or RV. Make sure that it is used outside where there is plenty of ventilation.