Ripley Power and Light is concerned about your safety regarding the use of utilities. We encourage you to practice these safety tips:

  • Never touch a loose or downed electric power line. Call us immediately. If you are trapped by downed electric lines, stay where you are until help arrives unless your life is in immediate danger. If you must move, be prepared to jump clear of lines or any object touching electric lines.
  • Do not climb utility poles. Avoid overhead electric power lines when touching long-handled equipment, tall ladders, kites and TV antennas. If a kite string gets tangled in electric lines, call Ripley Power and Light to remove it for you.
  • Do not overload your circuits, electric outlets or extension cords. Do not cover them with carpet or other materials.
  • Do not use appliances with frayed cords.
  • Never touch electric equipment when you are bathing, standing on a wet floor or have wet hands.
  • When decorating for Christmas, use only lights labeled for outdoor use in your yard. Keep ladders away from overhead power lines.
  • Whenever you plan to dig in your yard, call Tennessee One Call at 8-1-1 at least three days ahead of time. Tennessee One Call will locate your underground utilities so that you can avoid digging into them.