Lights out? Just send us a text

That’s right. Once your cellphone number is in our messaging system, you can just text us the next time your home loses power.

It’s part of Power and Light Company’s efforts to make communication for customers easier, said Hunter Haislip, Power and Light’s IT technician.

To be able to do this, though, you must first opt into Ripley Power and Light’s messaging system.

  • Save our number – 888-655-1841 – in your contacts.
  • Text #RIPLEY to that number.
  • You’ll receive the message, “Welcome to Ripley Power and Light’s text msg service, which provides text delivery of important information …”

That means you’re in the system. The next time you have an outage, just text #OUT to that number. We’ll know where you are and will begin our efforts to locate the cause of the outage and restore your power.

The messaging system is a two-way street. We can also send you important messages about your electricity.

If you have already updated your phone numbers and address in our Outage Management System, we can send you text messages, BUT you still must opt in your cellphone number by texting #RIPLEY to 888-655-1841 to be able to send us text messages.

We can also pinpoint your location when you call on your landline after hours to report an outage if we have your correct information.


  • Our text messaging system only works with a cellphone.
  • To opt in, text #RIPLEY to 888-655-1841.
  • You can always text QUIT to opt out after receiving a message from us.