Earn a rebate from us when you buy an energy-efficient heat pump.

Your biggest energy user in the summer is your cooling system, while your biggest energy user in the winter is your heating system. That's why it makes sense to invest in an energy-efficient heat pump for your home. A heat pump works well in our climate.

To make it easier for you to purchase a unit, Ripley Power and Light will finance that heat pump with payments on your monthly electric bill. For many customers, the energy they save with their new heat pump offsets the cost of monthly payments.

Heat pump rebates

  • Switch from gas heat to an electric heat pump and earn … $200
  • Change from an electric heat pump to an energy-efficient electric one and earn … $100.

Call us at 731-635-2323 or 731-836-7595 to learn more about our heat pump programs, or send us a message below. Your pocketbook will be glad that you did.